11,200,000 results, just for me. Awwww.

Hitting up “Ian Tai” on Google brings up an interesting list of possibilities. Have you ever thought about who those other people who share your name are? Where they work? Who they live with? If they like alphabet soup? If they’re allergic to cacti?

Would you ever be bothered to know them? Or at least get the full skinny on what makes your namesake tick? On a hunch, I’m going to assume that the Ian Tai in San Francisco has a lot more fun than I have in sleepy Kuala Lumpur. And I’m going to ask him. I’ll also attempt to track down a more illustrious Ian Tai who knows his gold, just for fun. [And I might request that he gives me his URL.]

Maybe, in the due process, I can get to know myself better through the people who know themselves best: me.

Just a thought.


Sepp Blatter is the Man.

And he wants you to know that.

There’s not much of a point having an election to see who rules the footballing world if there’s only one name on the ballot, right?

It’s even more twisted than a Malaysian election.

But we should all congratulate the Sepp, should the Sepp not be happy with an absolute lack of competition to his place.

Sepp Blatter is the new (old) Samy Vellu.