The Day The Tech Gods Gave Us The HTC One.

I’m not a big fan of launch events, press releases and other media-infused oddities, so I can’t really say if HTC actually conducted extensive market research to figure out what people look out for the most when it comes to smartphones, or if they just concocted the story that they asked people what they really ‘needed’ from a smartphone out of thin air.

Either way, the HTC One was launched worldwide yesterday, and Malaysia wasn’t spared any expense in bringing this wunderkind of a smartphone to its…uh…people.

The phone’s  is marked out to be a smartphone that everyone can use — something that basically suits the modern lifestyles of hipsters, hooligans and the common man today.

The lambs flocked together at Pavilion!

Serena C, the MC of the day.

Justin Zhang, Senior Product Marketing Manager of HTC Asia, showing us the ropes.

Justin showcases one key USP - taking loss-less HD photos while the phone's camcorder is playing.

The HTC One X is gorgeous with its form factor and its powdered-white glory, but it also needs a micro-SIM; get your scissors ready!


1. Shoots flawless HD photos while recording HD videos, without interrupting the video recording!

2. For the kiasu types, if anything goes wonky with your One within a year of purchasing it, you can get a direct replacement — say goodbye to repairs!

3. A relatively decent price of RM 2,100 sort of sways you towards it

4. 2 years’ free subscription to DropBox – 25 GBs of storage is yours!

5. It’s smudge-free — I’ve witness lipstick coming off it with a simple rub!


1. Call me super-cheap, but it’d be nice if we could have that storage…FOREVER.

2. 1080p? Nope, just 720p when it hooks up to your TV!

3. The HTC One V looks like a chinnier HTC Legend/Hero. Actually, it IS one.

Verdict: Buylah, if you have the money!