The Catch-Up Game.

A lot – and I do mean a lot – has happened in the last two years. The Malaysian indie scene has grown by leaps and bounds, with more and more acts popping up all over the country’s enclaves. I’ve grown by leaps and bounds as well (literally), and I’ve been relentlessly open micing and gigging around town. I’ve found myself willing to play almost anywhere, to anyone who’d have me — and it’s been fun.

Since then, the music side of things has been more of a solo escapade than a group outing. But I’ll be backed up by a triumphant threesome for my next featured show at Merdekarya, which coincidentally falls on my birthday.

(It’s not that coincidental.)

For the time being, please enjoy this piece of video.

There Is No 30!

I am an overgrown man-child. I take a look at all my friends, and they’ve accomplished so much, while I’ve somehow managed to regress back into a bum who stays at home to earn his dollar.

Sadly, everyone else is envious of me, and I have to admit – I can understand why.

But as I move further forward into the foreboding future, I’m still wondering if I can really live up to my own expectations for what my future holds.

I’m waiting on the grey hairs to start pecking me.


A few friends had heavily recommended myBurgerLab, and told me a tale of a champion barista who gave up a life of coffee-making to make…burgers. He’d invite his friends over to his private kitchen, and frantically work out a super-secret formula on making the greatest burgers, ever.

(Though I might totally have the wrong place; if so, I apologise in advance.)

It’s a continuing work-in-progress, but myBurgerLab has a variety of patties (chicken, beef and veggies) to keep you going.

I ordered something called a Beautiful Mess, while CK ordered a Say Cheese II (double cheeseburger). We topped up RM5 to get some fries and a bottomless drink.

Verdict? The overall ambience seems to be overly hipster, as it takes its visual cues from common themes. But to top the bun off on a decision, the burger was relatively decent, and I can’t resist unlimited cups of Mountain Dew. Ever.

A few cons: expect a long lead-in time once you place your order (we going to attribute this on the fact that it was packed), and some of y’all might not see a correlation between the burger and price (I don’t really mindlah, but that’s just me).

And now, the usual assortment of credible culinary opinions:

So. Go/no-go? This place isn’t Relish. And it’s certainly not a Ramly stall. It’s got its heart in the right place, and they constantly update (or upgrade? – mine was a 3.0) their burgers; there’s a good chance that you’ll get something different each time.

By the way, we spent about 10 minutes wandering around SEA Park looking for the place. To save you the hassle (though you’re probably more map-savvy than we were): it’s here.


11,200,000 results, just for me. Awwww.

Hitting up “Ian Tai” on Google brings up an interesting list of possibilities. Have you ever thought about who those other people who share your name are? Where they work? Who they live with? If they like alphabet soup? If they’re allergic to cacti?

Would you ever be bothered to know them? Or at least get the full skinny on what makes your namesake tick? On a hunch, I’m going to assume that the Ian Tai in San Francisco has a lot more fun than I have in sleepy Kuala Lumpur. And I’m going to ask him. I’ll also attempt to track down a more illustrious Ian Tai who knows his gold, just for fun. [And I might request that he gives me his URL.]

Maybe, in the due process, I can get to know myself better through the people who know themselves best: me.

Just a thought.