teganandsara-collarsSMI’ve been re-listening to a good deal of Tegan & Sara’s Heartthrob. I’d listened to it when it first came out, but I’ll be covering it for review purposes, and I have to say, I probably appreciate it more than when it first came out. It sounds incredibly vast and airy, and it’d be interesting to see where they go to from here.

Cheers to the best hot twin lesbian sister act in rockdom.

The List (a little video that possibly should have)

I begged a few friends to help me out to shoot a little video that I had in my head for someone whom I’d really wanted to stay with me.  There’s a large chinky chunk of me that still wishes she were around, and (naturally) I’m still sifting through all of this.

There was a little smidgen of planning involved with shooting this on my trust Desire HD, from removing lines to adding lines, to changing concepts.

At the end of the day, it’s a one-take video that’s got a bit of a cutesy factor in it.

I don’t really know what she thought of the video, and I haven’t got the galls to ask her, either.  But I hope that some of you guys like it.

James Blake – James Blake

File:James Blake Cover.jpg

Lo and behold, I don’t quite know what dubstep is.  But for reasons unknown, the first thing that creeps into my head is that Jay Sean bloke, otherwise known as Kamaljit Singh Jhooti.

Either way, James Blake is the poster boy for a different sort of dubstep.

Not that I know what it is.  I’m about 5 tracks into his self-titled debut, and I can assure you, it’s an odd, yet comforting choice to wind a night down.