2014? Okay, fine.

I realise that I rant a lot on Facebook…so much so that it’s slightly unbecoming. But, lo and behold, I’d like to share my New Year’s rant with you. May it not damper your spirits, and may you still have a very Happy New Year.


I often like to think that each step we take leads to the possibility of greatness – I mean, it’s true, isn’t it? Some of us take the whole idea of rejuvenation and renewal seriously when it comes to approaching a new year. But, for me, I reckon that I need to set my mind to a point where it really approaches stepping into January 1, 2014 as just another day that just happens to be a day off. 

There’s no need for renewal or resolutions, or to break the tether from 2013. There’s no need for heavy-handedness in proving that you’ll be a better person, or that you’re so lacking in depth that you’re going to fill a hole to prove that you’re NOT. The fact that you’ve already achieved so much the last 365 days should be tantamount to you feeling that everything’s okay. I mean, you’re still ALIVE. Wrap your head around that.

But, yes, climb that mountain, lose that weight, quit that smoking, buy that house, trim that beard, propose to that girl, bathe for once, brush your teeth more, stretch a bit more, eat less carbs, eat more carbs, get a makeover, pop your cherry, eat more cherries, have a blast. Don’t do all these things because you feel obliged in the name of ‘renewal’. Do it because you want to. Because you HAVE to. Because you’d probably regret not doing them down the line.

I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that. But y’know, as smarmy as it sounds, as selfish as it may be to say – I’m going to be alright. And so are you.

So lighten up.

Cutie And The Boxer

Cutie And The Boxer


I’m not a purveyor of good taste, but I really do encourage you to watch Cutie And The Boxer if you haven’t done so yet. The documentary shares the life of Noriko and Ushio Shinohara, a married couple of over 40 years who are celebrated, but struggling, artists in New York City. Ushio is 80, and has been residing in NYC since the early 70s, while Noriko was the young, impressionable art student from Japan that he seduced and made his conquest.

The film highlights their life as a couple, while also tracks their constant challenge to survive as artists today. Noriko’s tale is the true heart of the story, as she recounts her dreams of becoming a full-fledged artist, only to have them take a backseat due to unexpectedly becoming a wife and mother. Old documentary footage featured shows Ushio to be a very volatile, irresponsible figure when he was younger – and it gets relatively sadder, as his maverick, devil-may-care artsy attitude threatened to tear away at what little they had.

Luckily, things end of a high note – despite the pitfalls, Noriko and Ushio truly belong together. He obviously NEEDS her, and the tables have turned for quite some time, as she’s more than wisened up on how to keep her brilliant, yet troubled, husband in check while fulfilling her own ambitions.

Cutie And The Boxer shows that mad, self-anointed geniuses out there never truly carry the brunt of their burden – they leave the heavy lifting to those closest around them, who sometimes have no choice but to be obligated to do so. It’s proof that you can always find strength and resilience in what you do if you love it enough – in this case, Ushio and Noriko agree that art would bind them. The obstacles they faced were a lifelong struggle – not just a momentary whinge or speed bump.

I’ve been craving to see this ever since I first saw its preview, and I’m more than glad I have. (It also boasts a strangely devilish end credit sequence.) It’s beautifully shot, and doesn’t feel like it’s cliche-filled with false nostalgia. This is a genuine love story that everyone can be inspired by.

In part, this is also a shoutout for those women who stand by their (somewhat cranktankerous) men. And it might make the men a wee bit more appreciative of their better halves (if they’re not so already).

“Love is Roar-r-r-r!”

Give it a shot.


teganandsara-collarsSMI’ve been re-listening to a good deal of Tegan & Sara’s Heartthrob. I’d listened to it when it first came out, but I’ll be covering it for review purposes, and I have to say, I probably appreciate it more than when it first came out. It sounds incredibly vast and airy, and it’d be interesting to see where they go to from here.

Cheers to the best hot twin lesbian sister act in rockdom.