Ian Tai on Campbell Street

Playing Kim Haus last weekend was good fun, albeit a chaotic in the sense that it felt like a musical free-for-all. Sunday was a double-billed evening with Gerard Anthony, a guy who’s a great pub mainstay in┬áthe Klang Valley. I also was helped on the stage by Peter G and Chris; Peter G is an old-timer who’s freewheeling around Southeast Asia with his wife, while Chris is living in Kim Haus for the next few weeks, and handling┬ásound and coordination.

This is Chris (Christoph Joerg), the friendliest German you could ever meet.

This is Peter G, the chummiest silver-foxed Aussie you could ever meet.

This is Gerard Anthony – if you ever see him playing at a bar in KL/PJ, tell him I said hi.

Aside from my own featured gigs, I had a short set at Kim Haus on Sunday afternoon for Northern Rock, which is the start of a little something that Shaneil Devaser has in mind for, well, Penang and the north. I connected with Zee Ng, a young man who DIY’d his first EP, and finally caught Volatile in action, aside from catching Temjin and The Endleaves.

I’ve been invited back to play in Penang by Jaime from Volatile on September 9 for an intimate acoustic gig – like I’ve said, any excuse is a good excuse to go to Penang.

I’m looking forward to it.