The Dark Side Cover.

I’m not a big fan of contests, especially when musicians are involved.

It’s very hard to attach a value to music, and when voting is involved, it gets even messier. The recent Tiger Jams competition pitted some trailblazing Malaysian bands against each other, with the initial entries shortlisted to 10 acts, which were further culled down to a top three based on voting. Painful, really. At least the winning acts get a chance to collaborate with some of the region’s best aural and visual artists for a little something extra.

And here’s a more personal-skewing one other good thing that came out of it: I was supporting Rozella in the competition, and jigged up a cover of her song, ‘Dark Side‘. I had to strip it down, because I wanted to use my whole “5 chords or less because I’m an inept guitarist” approach to things – and I think it turned out pretty well.

Have a listen.

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