“LICK MY BLOODY CUNT” or My Aunt Stuck To Her Balls.

8 years ago, before she succumbed to cancer, my aunt was part of the Kepong MCA machinery, and essentially got her hands dirty very frequently. She was apparently recruited into the party based on a proposed economic plan that she had published. One highlight of her stumped political career was that she had helped to set up the MCA Hotline, and subsequently held a gig as its Service Chairman.

Things took a turn for the weird when she decided to stand against Chew Mei Fun for the MCA Wanita Deputy Chairwoman position during the party elections. My aunt subsequently lost. The end result? Chew Mei Fun – 1320 votes ; Tai Sim Yew – 423 votes. Chew would have won the seat, uncontested, if my aunt hadn’t steamrolled her way in. Admittedly, my aunt knew that Chew would have won, either way.

So, WHY did my aunt run a losing race? It was because of the ‘cai dan’ – a shortlist of candidates that MCA delegates would have to choose from to fill up the Central Committee’s posts. In her own words, it was “undemocratic”.

(Others might point out that the ‘cai dan’ does not actually outrightly hinder anyone from entering the ring, though, admittedly, you’d be under hard pressure NOT to choose anyone off the list.)

She stressed that the reason why she was fighting the powers that be was because what was going on was not FAIR. After announcing her intention to contest, my aunt received a few death threats and prank calls, but she was an experienced lawyer, and was most probably more amused than outright fearful. She stuck to her guns. And was then kicked out of the Kepong MCA Wanita committee for not playing by the rules.

My point here is that even though she was part of a losing battle, she was still committed to doing whatever she felt was right. I think it reminds me of the duty that we owe ourselves, not just through voting, but in everyday life — we must do what we feel is right, otherwise our conscience would most probably take a swandive.

There are people around us in better positions who do not have such a conscience, and they’ve gotten away with abusing their powers. It’s come to a point where you and I can agree that, “Okaylah, let them abuselah, but not so much”. We’re giving allowances for people to abuse our trust, because we’ve resigned ourselves to no other possibility.

By the way, this isn’t an anti-MCA/BN rant. This is just a soft reminder that we should always try to do right, whenever we can, and to stick up for those beliefs when we get cornered. It sounds ideal and naive, but sometimes seeing things in black and white can keep us grounded. It’s also good to occasionally QUESTION what’s going on around you, and to be curious. It’s a tedious, tiresome process, but it’s always be better to be informed than to be impeded.

My aunt had a favourite phrase she’d like to throw around – “If they don’t like it, then they can lick my bloody cunt”. My aunt’s words. She used them a LOT.

I think my aunt would be equally distressed and pleased if I shared my own skewered political views with her now. Then again, she was a bit of a pain, and would probably have rattled me senseless now.

I miss her; at the same time, she was a prime example of what you should and shouldn’t be in life. But that’s really a story that’s too personal to be shared.

But any way.

May she rest in peace.

And may lesser fools lick her cunt in Heaven.

Check this out to learn more: http://www.thesundaily.my/node/177222

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