Bright and shiny things.

I’ve just installed the HyppTV box into my room, and I’ve got to say, I was pretty [un]impressed. At the very least, it gives me even more of an excuse to stay in my room and hermit-tate my life away.

An extra highlight of my day was learning that the staff at UniFi’s call centre actually do work on public holidays, with it being Deepavali today.

There’s a 30 meter cable that runs from the router here in the living room to my room upstairs — I went for maximum length overkill, because (i) I can’t really calculate distances with my naked eye and (ii) primarily because I’m Chinese.

I’m no networking specialist, but I can at least appreciate UniFi for being as fast as fuck right now. I’m just dreading that day when they announce a cap.

For the time being, it’s porno ahoy!

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