Jesus, where did the time go?

I did a quick lookover on the blog and realised that the last time I bothered posting anything was in April. Which either means:

  1. I’ve gotten my priorities right
  2. I’ve got nothing to say

I think it’s come down to a combination between the two.  But in a nutshell, nothing much has happened.

For starters:

  • I left a job in advertising to work here — the upside is that there’s no office to go to, ’cause  I’m based wherever I roam. Freelancing FTW. The downside: I have a penchant for going to a Starbucks to finish things off simply because being a social recluse doesn’t quite cut it (though I don’t actually engage any contact with anyone whilst sitting down at a Starbucks, so it seems terribly hypocritical, I know).
  • Renovation work started on my home and, well, totally wrecked it. I could post photos of how the house currently looks, but it’d absolutely break my heart.
  • I grew a beard and shaved it. Need proof (about the beard)? Here you go (a rare instance of self-reflective camwhoring):

Ok, yes, so, nothing’s really new, really. How quaint.