Laila’s, 8th August – Rojak Sessions #3.

There were a lot of good vibes at last night’s gig.  Being a Sunday night, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it was good to get into the groove of things.  It was also encouraging to have some good company there — I’m just hoping that I didn’t mess up too much…I’d love to have another go at it.  Ray mixed things up a bit by rotating the performers — we had 2 rounds of performances, with 2 songs per round.

‘Twas solid!

I’m hoping to whore myself even more this week, but I’m not too sure about the outcome yet.  Either way, it was fun.  And there might be another gig coming up in a little over a week.

You can take a look at my potty-mouthed, disheveled, pot-bellied self here:

#1: Why

#2: One Night

#2: One Night

#3: Freeze (beanie change!)

#4: CandyGirl

#4: CandyGirl

Glamour saja

There was a post-gig jam session with Ray Cheong, Christian Theseira and Greg Ramanado that shall be remembered as my failed attempt to be an impromptu blues lyricist.  But all in all, it was a pretty fun night.  And I’m hoping that there’ll be more to come.

I miss my kazoo.