Venom vs. the Man

It’s my first day back at work after five days off, and I haven’t really made much of a buzz — I don’t think anyone in particular noticed that I was gone.

It feels odd to be up and running again.  The morning started off with a visit to one of the offices of the Ministry for Women and Social whatsnot.  It’s too long to type, and it’s near the end of the day and I’m too lazy to go into details.  It felt productive, and there’s always a good feeling to be had whenever you’ve got a lockdown on execution dates, no matter how close they may seem…if only because you have something written in stone.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to be self-indulgent after last night (especially seeing how I feel I could’ve done a tenfold better), but I really am looking forward to whoring myself around more.  I think the guitar can take the majority of the blame for that.

Though it’s kind of sad when you realize that everyone else has the good taste in getting off-blue guitars.  Bollocks.