Foreword For Word.


Hola!  I’m Ian Tai.  I’m currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I’m slogging it out by working as an Account Manager/Content Producer with a small local digital advertising agency.  I also write and perform my own songs.

I have issues with the world around me, as well as myself, although I always try to shift the blame onto the world so that I feel better.  It’s only natural, and I hope you understand.  I project wide-eyed cynicism, but I’m really a closeted optimist.

This site is basically an excuse for me to spend a paltry amount of money to gain a small degree of notoriety — I’m incredibly shameless, and every small bit of recognition gets blown out of proportion so that I appear bigger than I really am.  (Though that’s quite hard, seeing how incredibly fat I am.)

If, for some strange reason, you’d like to get in touch with me, you can find me at my Facebook page.  Become a fan!  Also, add me on Twitter – or follow the band on Twitter, too.


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