The recent slew of Super Bowl ads can be seen at Adweek’s Super Bowl portal!

Check out the quasi-surprising last second cameo in this Audi R8 plug (incredibly tasteful in its own right)!

You should never park in between Chimpanzees in this Career Builder clip!

Motorola pays a bit of a homage to a particular Super Bowl ad of yesteryear here, while showcasing their Xoom Android Tablet:

Those Malaysian dog abusers who’re still at large have nothing on this guy here.

In total, 61 ads aired over Super Bowl Sunday — you’ve got to love them.

At least a bit.

Pussy (of the kitty variety) Galore!

Happy Chinese New Year!

We’re halfway through the initial 2-week celebratory period, and I can admit that this CNY period has been the most memorable yet in my relatively short life.

It’s been one of those times where the importance of strong family ties has been an underlying theme — yet for some strange reason, everyone in my family still hates each other.

There’s also been a bit of an additional to my immediately family (which would be the dog and myself).  I chanced upon a mandarin box while walking the dog on Saturday, and found a stray kitten in a mandarin orange box which was placed upon an old tree stump.  I took her home, cleaned her up, and I’m basically fostering her before I set off for East Malaysia (again!) later this month.  I can’t keep her, and I’ll most probably have to leave her once I set off.

I’m looking for someone to take her in who will ensure that she survives!  It’s a waste of a lovely animal.  For starters, she has orange-brownish fur, blue eyes (which is bizarre), as well as a whiny disposition!  And she’s quite a cute pussy.

And I’ve seen quite a few cute pussies in my time.

(Cue the lion dance drumroll, Ah Beng!)

Here’re a few snaps of the kitten:

Although she might seem to be a mangly mess, I can assure you that she’s quite a harmless pet.  It’s just that my dog is starting to act like a cat the more she’s exposed to her — the first time round, Uno was trying to bite the kitten’s head off.

How things have changed in a matter of days.

Do let me know if you’d like to adopt her.  I’m not going to charge for the food I’ve been feeding her (Whiskas cat paste for kittens!) or the baths or whatnot.  I just want the cat to survive.

E-mail me or just buzz me on Facebook!

Open Mic #23 @ Laila’s, Kelana Jaya!

It’s that time of the month again where I get to flaunt my fat and strut my…self.  I’ll be at performing at Laila’s Cafe and Louge this Wednesday, January 26th, at 9:30 p.m.

Here’s a list of performances for the night:

8.30: Amirah Ali
9.00: Otam
9.30: Ian Tai
10.00: Paolo Delfino
10.30: Jared Locke
11.00: Jonathan
11.30: Jeffry Azraai

Come over for beer!  And music!  And french fries!

Here’s a link to the ever-ready event page on Facebook.  Don’t be a “Maybe” — just come!