Ikuzo Ramen.

Ikuzo Ramen is a little juke-jointing, hipster-friendly ramen dispensary in the heart of SS2.

I liked it, ’cause:

  1. The decor was quite stellar, everything was set in crisp English [if there’s such a thing], and it just felt right. Possibly because I’m half-Communist.
  2. They’re pork-friendly. Totally.
  3. That iced green tea milk drink, despite its possible pretentiousness, was quite oklah.

I don’t know how to review food, but you can check these links out for a more credible culinary opinion.

So. Go/no-go? If you’re expecting some epic ramen, look elsewhere. But if you’re in a rush and have RM 15 to spare, then by all means, ramen your heart away (you naughty hipster, you).