I like to think of myself as a busy person, even though I know that it’s really far from the truth.  I’d much rather prepare the groundwork for everything, and then leave the execution for someone else to follow up on.  After all, life really is much easier that way.

The thing about recording random pieces of music for me is that it really involves my full attention — I can’t really ask anyone to play a part for me, which is usually why I’ve been playing the same chords for the last 4 years.  Maybe I’ve been intrinsically convincing myself that I don’t actually need to widen my repertoire of standard chord progressions and six-string virtuosity because people might actually appreciate a simple song every now and then.

I don’t know — that’s just me being a wishful thinker.

I’ve recently procured a Mac, and I’ve only recently taken a bit of time to test the waters with GarageBand.  This is the first kahoogle that I’ve come up on it (though it’s a lo-fi, no frills streamer alternative).

It’s pretty much based on my current state of play/mind, and I suspect that there’ll be a few (not as dreary) pieces that I’ll be cooking up soon enough.  It’s not really an issue of the palette at my disposal — it’s got more to do with whether my main intention of writing these ditties will be realized.

Ian Tai – #1

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