Shake your merrymaker!

it's K!

I’m going to watch Kula Shaker tonight.  In all honesty, the only knowledge I have of Kula Shaker would be their debut, K, which came out a millennium of moons ago.  I had no idea that they were still around until the gang brought up their gig a few weeks back.

I suppose I’m going for nostalgia’s sake — I can only remember about three songs from K.  It doesn’t help that I still have the CD case for the album, but the CD itself is missing.  And I couldn’t be bummed enough to have downloaded a bootlet (surprisingly).  I now remember that I bought K secondhand from a classmate back in art class.

Nay, I’m going simply to enjoy some newfangled spirituality (and a bit of 90’s retro psychedelic kaleidoscopic groovy hysteria) with my friends.

They think that I’m a woman, when I feel like a man.

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