When a burger’s box is better than the burger itself.

At RM 8, the McDonald’s Gourmet Chicken Burger might be a bit too much…and it is. It’s not really the “new chicken experience” I would’ve sussed it to be.

It’s not a bad burger; it’s just been incredibly overhyped.

What I do love is the packaging.

Expresso Joe Must Die.

I hope that there’s something worth it after all this constant upgrading of the coffee machine — I don’t think I can stand much more of Expresso Joe’s inane rambling. A few hours ago, he was talking about how I was such a great friend for lending an ear to him.


I click on you to serve coffee. Don’t beleaguer me with your problems — this is Cafe World, not Barkeep’s Borough.

Someone should place some JD into Joe’s coffee so that he gets drunk and gets run over by my catering truck.