Another day of sickos.

A 10-year old girl was raped on a school bus at 12.40 pm on Monday by the bus driver, in front of other kids.  There’s really nowhere that your children can hide; being harmed seems to be the order of the day.  Was the culprit desperate to the point of blatant stupidity?

There’s some sick shit going on here.

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Girl raped in school bus


PETALING JAYA: A school bus driver allegedly raped a 10-year-old girl in full view of other pupils in the bus.

A kindergarten teacher who was passing by heard screams for help and alerted members of the public, who caught the 51-year-old driver red-handed.

The incident took place along Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya, at 12.40pm on Monday.

It is learnt that the driver had stopped the bus by the roadside and approached his victim.

He forcefully undressed her in front of the horrified children.

He then forced himself on the terrified girl.

People who went to the girl’s aid grabbed the man and bashed him up before handing him over to the police.

An open script sample for DDB’s consideration.

(note: this was pilfered and edited from my facebook account. desperate times call for desperate measures!)

(note #2: learn more about what i was writing about here)

The scene: at a local Malaysian mamak eatery.
The stage: A and B are having a vibrant conversation about nothing, much like what you’d find on an episode of Seinfeld.

A: Eh. Did you know that Russell Crowe used to be a figure skater?
B: No, man. Really? Wiki lah!
A: Cannnnnnnot. My carrier got data cap. I used up already! And it’s only midmonth. Nanti penalize!
B: Waaaaah. You know, for RM 68 a month, you can get unlimited data usage with Digi.
A: Really ah?
B: Really! It’s pretty good! Eh. Russell Crowe was never a figure skater. I just checked.
A: Really ah? Alamak. I tweeted that he was. Everyone’s gonna think that I’m a such a fool now…and I’ve burst my data cap!

[Announcer] Don’t be a fool. For the best 3G coverage and rates, choose Digi. Isn’t it time you changed?

Rationale: This is a great reflection upon Malaysian mamak culture. Under the audience’s purview, A and B are doing what normal Malaysians would do: chat animatedly about nothing in particular. By so precisely representing a facet of Malaysian culture that’s always exploitable, Digi would be directly reaching out to the generation of slackers that the local education system has been churning out for the last successive decade.

The lesson here? Talk to the slackers. Like me.

[The above scene is based on a true story.]


There’s something obviously very wrong here.  In a nutshell:

  1. I had itchy fingers that were getting overly frisky;
  2. These overly frisky itchy fingers forgot the routine of creating a back up of the site, in case of an untoward incident occurring;
  3. The aforementioned overly frisky fingers proceeded to pepper some pages with some seemingly innocuously dubious coding;
  4. Which resulted in the overly frisky fingers accidentally deleting some incredibly critical files, thus;
  5. Resulting in a final, sullen, despairing loss in over a year’s worth of content.

This is a fresh start that I didn’t want to make.  Honest to goodness.  I’m not very happy, but having been incredibly unlucky in the most trivial of situations before, I can now laugh this off.

There is undoubtedly a hole in my heart.

It’s just a fucking blog.

(So why does it feel so bad?)